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YouTube Joins Pinterest

YouTube has opened up an account on Pinterest and plans to post videos daily on its boards. These videos will range on topics from crafts, lifestyle tips, beauty, food and fitness. On Thursday’s blog post, YouTube has admitted that they already have an account with the other big social networks: Facebook, Google +, and Twitter.

Youtube boards on Pinterest, Youtube on Pinterest

Pinterest has allowed pinning of videos since August 2011, and users have pinned numerous videos since.

YouTube currently gets 72 hours of video added onto its site every minute and opening an account may have been a smart move as now there are now 21 million unique visitors per month on Pinterest.

Pinterest has seen tremendous growth this spring and some people say that users are spending more time on Pinterest than Facebook these days. According to Modea, digital advertising agency, a majority of these users are mothers with a household income of $100,000. YouTube already gains a ton of traffic to its site by being on other major social networks.

Only time will tell in how much YouTube will benefit from opening an account on Pinterest. What do you think? Was it a smart move for YouTube to create its own account on Pinterst? Please share with us!

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