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Your Social Media Caddy: The Not-So-Obvious Thing Tiger Woods Taught Us About Business

The name Tiger Woods in itself is a loaded phrase right now. In just a few short months a national icon has fallen from grace. A few days ago Tiger was named to the Ryder Cup Team, it marked the first time he had to be picked and did not automatically qualify for the US squad.

social media, tiger woods, entrepreneurAs we follow his story; his choices, the finalization of his divorce, his return, and now a shot at redemption, we are watching a man with all the same skills, all the same physical tools, but one who is missing one key that led to his amazing success: Confidence.

A few years ago, if Tiger was even in the hunt on the last day, he put on his Sunday red and opponents wilted as he charged them with ice in his veins. No longer. His confidence is gone and so too, the winning. Your ability to succeed is dependent on belief in yourself. Physically, nothing has changed, but mentally, it’s a different picture.

As entrepreneurs, confidence plays a huge role in what we can accomplish in our businesses. It takes confidence to attack each day not knowing the future of the business, it takes confidence that given opportunities you will make the most, and it takes confidence to fight through roadblocks and competitors to define yourself and rise to the top.

I wrote earlier about asking questions and continuing to learn and it is relevant here. If there is an area of your game that you lack confidence in, nip it in the bud. Reach out to the resources and people around you that can get you the knowledge to grow your confidence in areas you feel weak. Tiger isn’t going back at it without coaches helping him and while we can’t help your golf game, we can certainly be your entrepreneurial and social media caddy.

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