Why You Need A Blog For Your Retail Business

There are a ton of social media outlets available at your disposal today. A lot of the time the reward for the amount of time it takes to properly use them is insufficient. The one tool that has deemed itself an all-star time and time again is blogging. Everyone seems to be using it, so you’re probably thinking it’s time to start your own and reap the benefits. The only problem is you’re not sure that it’s the best marketing strategy for your company.

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Is it for you?

In less than 15 minutes, your blog can be up and running! Now see why it’s a great investment of your time.

Email Marketing

Blog posts and email marketing go hand in hand. You are most likely already taking advantage of emailing your customers about new product, and with a few tweaks you can make them great blog posts. Emails are a direct way to push product to your customer, while blogs are more of an indirect tool. If you use the right keywords in your blog, you are able to reach a broader range of customers than with email.


Most retail businesses rely on search engine traffic to drive up sales.  If this sounds like you, blogging is the easiest way to increase your new customer base. Keywords, categories, tags, and descriptions within your blog all look great in SEO, and help drive your website up in the ranks.

Quick and Easy

Blogs take little time to create. Fill them with info about your products and you have a recipe for success. Once the blogs are posted, customers are able to post comments, and also share it. Believe it or not if your customers believe in your products, they will play a vital part in getting your blogs spread throughout the web.

Go ahead, create one and start blogging about your retail business! If you need any advice or feel overwhelmed, feel free to check out Salty Waffle’s social media classes, where we are always ready to lend you a helping hand when you need it.

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