Who Ordered The Photogram?!

In case you missed it, there is yet another photo sharing app. Who’s pumped? Yeah, me neither. It’s like saying who excited about tax season? My accounting major roommate did not find that a bit funny. Anyways, I was on a stroll around Green Lake with a couple buddies of mine and one of them took a picture of us. Before I know it I was tagged in this postcard-like picture. Pretty nifty.

In an already populated market of photo sharing services Photogram is making some noise. With photogram users are able to send photos via email, Facebook, and Twitter quickly and easily. But the kicker is in the customizable experience. You can choose from numerous themes to add some flare to your pictures. There is a theme to cover almost all of your events: birthdays, barbeques, sports etc. I guess you can call it an on the go photo booth cramped space.

Each photogram can contain up to four photos which means sense cause anymore photos then it would just be too cluttered. These photos can be quickly cropped and zoomed in as well. Once you have picked your four pictures you can also include a personalized message to help tell your story. One thing I really like about it is you can set up groups so you can send out a photogram to multiple people with just one click just remember to leave grandma out of your party group.

This app is great for professionals who are working with kids and parents who are trying to document every single event/moment with some style. So give it a test drive. It’s a free download and right now they are offering a launch special which includes over 30 themes (5 summer themes included) for a grand total of free.

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