Who Is Your Most Valued Customer

valued customer, social media, retail business, retail, business, customerA lot of businesses internally praise employees on a regular basis, giving out employee of the month awards, or giving out gift cards to the employee with the highest sales.  People naturally like to be recognized for their hard work, and will produce better results when motivated with a reward. Now lets flip this around, without the loyalty of customers, there is no business. Show how much you honor your customers, by displaying a ‘Most Valued Customer’ sign for everyone to see. This sign should include their first name, favorite products, and a tidbit about why they are your honored customer.

When a sign of appreciation is displayed, it shows:

  • You recognize and value each customer
  • Other customers will want to become your next honored customer
  • If you are a national chain, it gives a local feel

Other customers will come in and want to know how they can get the honor. This is a great opportunity to start promoting your company by asking them to comment on your Facebook, retweet your Twitter posts,  and write reviews on Yelp. You then pick next month’s valued customer by the amount of social publicity they provide. Using these tips will give your retail business that community feel that everyone wants to be a part of.

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