Who is more social? Android users or iPhone users?

In a contest that we ran for one of our clients, we pitted Android phones against Apple phones in an online Facebook contest.  Due to the high level of loyalty that most smartphone users have towards their phones, we figured it would at the very least would generate some buzz. And it did. By the end of the campaign we had viral levels of engagement from online users. Going into the contest though, I did not have a clear idea of who the winner would be. While there are more Android phones than iPhones on the market, iPhone users tend to be fiercely loyal and vocal about their phones, and I thought that the results would be pretty close. So, who ended up winning then? Well, the race was close for awhile, and then Android took the clear lead. This surprised me a little, but after seeing this infographic shortly after the contest was over, I wondered if this had anything to do with it.

Who is more social ios vs. Android

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