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What Appeals to You Will Appeal to Your Customers

We all know the first impression is critical, that first glance, hot or not right? You have one chance to impress a visitor on your site, one chance for them to witness your product the first time, one first time meeting you.

Image isn’t everything, but it is a significant piece of every business. From a logo, to a well designed webpage, to a sharply dressed representative; what customers see is their perception and perception is reality.

It is important to remember that you can’t fake image for any sustained amount of time, the truth will come out. So go with the values at your core, what do they say and how can you translate them into a visual medium? Search for images, colors, shapes, other logos, pictures, anything that appeals to you and is consistent with the values at the core of your company. The result will be a collection of visual tools with which you can craft your overall image.

Understanding the visual cues that attract you will help you to understand what will draw your customers in. If you can figure out what is attractive to you and set out to build that image, people will identify with it and you will never have to worry about first impressions. Chances are, the types of images that are consistent with your values and the feel you are trying to portray, are the same ones that will attract other people who think the same way. In turn, they are going to really like what you have to show.

Summary, Ride Like a Penguin Chapter 4: Looking Good by Nicole Donnelly

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