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Wanna Know What Google Knows About You?

social media, google, google dashboard, social media classes, social media facebook, google toolsThought so. Personally, I’m Google everything and I don’t fret the power they could potentially wield over me. From Gmail to Chrome, my web experience has a strong Google flavor. If you have quite a bit of Google going on, or even if you just use a few of Google‘s many free products and services, Google Dashboard can help you get a handle on exactly how much Google knows about you or your company. After all, they are kind of an important part of your success or failure.

The Dashboard itself has been around for a while, but they just recently added more functions to help you ‘manage your online identity.’ It’s called ‘Me on the Web‘ and can be found in your Google Dashboard right underneath your account information. If you publish a lot of content and/or have a number of Google tools linked with your name, they will show up here.

Me on the Web even makes it easier to set up Google Alerts for activity related to your name or business, which makes it extremely easy to identify unwanted information associated with you. If you have a Gmail account set up click over to your dashboard and see what all is there. Chances are, there will be quite a bit to scroll through.

If your online name is important to you, definitely add the Google Dashboard to the list of places you monitor for conversations and the sentiment associated with conversation surrounding you. Definitely check out the Google Alerts too, they are a simple way of being notified of anything regarding a particular query you decide to enter.

If you’re looking to work on you or your business’ online reputation, let us help. We have classes on many of the great tools like this one that you can use to own the keywords important to your business and find the conversations the customers you want to meet are having online.

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