Virtual Office

After having an office, a lease, triple net, utilities, and so on, I don’t want the liability and obligation of so much overhead. This time around every person that is working on the projects under the Salty Waffle can work from their home office or beach towel if they please. We are setting up systems of accountability based on results rather than hours worked.

One study that I read said that female attorneys get paid less for more work because they are more efficient with their time than their male counterparts. With an hourly fee payment schedule, that doesn’t bode well for the ladies in law.

If you can write a blog in one hour or 20 min. and the result is a good piece of work worth publishing the pay should be the same for the work done. You’ll have more time to play and same amount of pay if you do good work quickly.

How do we do it?

Google Docs is free and works well for sharing files and co-editing real time. In our largest group we have 24 people updating document. There are collaborators from Texas, Mexico, California, Utah, Wisconsin, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver, Canada.

We do daily phone calls to make sure everybody is happy and on track to their goals. With clear measurement everybody knows what they need to do every day. It’s so nice to have learned this lesson, my apologies to those that I learned this on.

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