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(Video and Q&A) – Nicole Donnelly: Understanding And Mapping Out Your Social Media Plan

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(Video and Q&A) – Nicole Donnelly: Understanding And Mapping Out Your Social Media Plan

This session is titled Understanding And Mapping Out Your Social Media Plan and includes Nicole talking about how to approach your social media plan, understanding your needs and requirements, and then how to map it out for best execution! It begins with a short video segment featuring Nicole and will be followed immediately by a lively group Q&A discussion which included many more questions about social media planning and execution. Read more below!


Founders Live Team11:57 am
Hi everyone. happy Monday. We’re gearing up for our next FL Influencer series discussion. Today’s topic is Social Media. Before we start the group discussion watch Nicole’ video on the main feed.
Or below.

Founders Live Team11:58 am
Nicole Donnelly Content Plan Founders Live
This is the beginning of how to create a content plan for the year. By Nicole Donnelly for Founders Live.

We’ll start the discussion here at 12:10 PM PT

Nicole Donnelly12:02 pm

Timmie Kenneh12:03 pm
good afternoon everyone

Adam Dreiblatt12:04 pm

Nick Hughes12:07 pm
Hi Adam. How are you?
Hi Everyone

Adam Dreiblatt12:07 pm
Doing great…

Nick Hughes12:07 pm
Nice! Glad to see you on here

Danna Redmond12:07 pm
hi there

Therese Henning Sloss12:08 pm
Hi everyone

Founders Live Team12:08 pm
Hi Everyone! feel free to chime in and say hi

Founders Live Team12:09 pm
We’re about to get going here. Hope you have your questions ready. Social media can be a tricky one. Good thing we have Nicole Donnelly here today to help us through the planning process

Founders Live Team12:10 pm
Hello Nicole, thanks for joining us today!

Nicole Donnelly12:10 pm
All of my clients are working on 2018 right now! You ready???
Thanks for having me today!

Founders Live Team12:10 pm
You bet.

Founders Live Team12:11 pm

Darren Austin12:11 pm
I like the idea of addressing people’s intrinsic needs in one’s social messaging. Do you have any tips for which types of posts perform best on specific networks? For example, if posting to Facebook, am I better off posting images, videos, links to external content, etc?

Nicole Donnelly12:11 pm
Has anybody considered the emotional needs of your customers when planning your content cal?
Videos win everywhere

Nicole Donnelly12:12 pm
Shares often rank higher than original content
so, curating is totally OK to do

Darren Austin12:12 pm
wow, really? that’s interesting.

Nick Hughes12:12 pm
Good question Darren. So Nicole, you are saying video no matter what?
And how long is too long?

Nicole Donnelly12:12 pm
Yep, video, people drop off at 30/60/90 sec
so best to get straight to the point, very few will watch a long video

Nicole Donnelly12:13 pm
though it’s not a waste to do it, it will filter out your ideal customers

Danna Redmond12:13 pm
And videos of what? Do they need to be nicely produced funny videos? how important is production quality on the videos?

Nick Hughes12:13 pm
Is a long video 2 mins or 20 mins?

Nicole Donnelly12:13 pm
AND did you know that it often takes people 18x of seeing something to purchase!?
Nick – yes

Nicole Donnelly12:14 pm
both are long and you’ll likely have more watch till 2 min than 20

Nick Hughes12:14 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:14 pm
as for production quality, it doesn’t have to be high on most places, it gives people the feeling that they are there with you or spying on you, so it’s more inviting than a commercial style video, that feels like you are being sold to

Nicole Donnelly12:15 pm
Linkedin would be a place for higher production quality if you have it
if not, they do the live video now and promote your videos by ranking them higher in your network’s feed than static content
FB will often do the same

Therese Henning Sloss12:15 pm
We are launching an app for same-day massages this January how soon should we appear on Facebook?

Nicole Donnelly12:16 pm
FB live videos are better than pre-recorded videos which are still better than pics which are better than straight copy
go there NOW!

Darren Austin12:16 pm
so, my partners and I just recently launched a podcast and are promoting it on social media. We’ve got audio content, of course, and we have logo and other imagery for posts but video has been a challenge for us. I like the idea about leveraging Facebook Live.

Nicole Donnelly12:16 pm
start building your audience asap! or you will launch into crickets

Founders Live Team12:16 pm
FB live videos > pre-recorded videos > pics > straight copy

Nicole Donnelly12:16 pm
oooh yeah Darren, you can do a little live while recording an episode or as a teaser to the next one

Nicole Donnelly12:17 pm
or to recap one that you’ve done
and It’s also Linkedin live videos, snapchat, and IG live

Darren Austin12:17 pm
yeah, that would be cool.

Chris Davis12:17 pm
Didn’t know about LI live…interesting

Nicole Donnelly12:17 pm
anything live will show up higher in feeds cause the social network wants to serve the most relevant content to peeps

Nicole Donnelly12:18 pm
and on LI it’s easier to stand out, there’s soooooo much boring content on there

Chris Davis12:18 pm

Doug Pearson12:18 pm
Nice video!!

Founders Live Team12:18 pm
Nicole – You suggest picking a theme for the year? Why? And what should an early startup think about when they pick a theme for social media content?

Nicole Donnelly12:18 pm
Thanks Doug
Good question!

Nick Hughes12:19 pm
Hi Doug. Thanks for joining us today

Nicole Donnelly12:19 pm
pick a theme that inspires you and is relevant to your audience or the audience that you want

Nicole Donnelly12:20 pm
I’ve got one client that does small farm meat delivery to the city folks, they have a theme of #farmtodoor and insane campaign ideas all year for that

Founders Live Team12:20 pm
And theme meaning broken down into months? Meaning Jan is “this Month” and Feb is that month” etc…?

Nicole Donnelly12:20 pm
they are funny guys and have a bunch of funny ideas

Nicole Donnelly12:21 pm
yes, annual theme, then quarterly sub themes and then monthly sub sub themes
and even weekly if appropriate

Nicole Donnelly12:22 pm
so our annual theme at is B corp, this 4th quarter sub theme is all about planning 2018, nov is workshops to plan, dec is celebrating

Jakub Kubicka12:22 pm
This is super valuable so far, thanks Nicole.

Nicole Donnelly12:22 pm
then it makes picking content easier, it’s easy for the team to pick relevant sharable content too
My pleasure Jakub

Founders Live Team12:22 pm
So you mean it takes actual work to get things dialed in for social media? And focused activity?

Founders Live Team12:23 pm

Nick Hughes12:23 pm
Yes this is golden

Nicole Donnelly12:23 pm
haha, if you want to move the needle, yes

Jakub Kubicka12:23 pm
Since social networks are closed off from search engine ranking, what do you recommend doing if creating content?

Samantha Denning12:23 pm
Any tools you recommend to help get organized?

Jakub Kubicka12:24 pm
Share it both on the company website AND on the handles?

Nicole Donnelly12:24 pm
a super simple implementation of this is to put a sticky note with the theme/subthemes on your computer and switch them out as needed

Founders Live Team12:25 pm
you mean like this?

Nicole Donnelly12:25 pm
Jakub, I’m not sure what you mean by closed off from ranking, it’s all connected from an SEO perspective

Founders Live Team12:25 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:25 pm
AND I would recommend creating content packages

Jakub Kubicka12:25 pm
SEO doesn’t rank anything beyond login of a social portal

Darren Austin12:25 pm
another challenge we are running into when trying to make an impact via social media is scaling our efforts to a larger audience. We have tried paid promotion for tweets, FB posts and Instagram posts but our results so far have been expensive on a per-click or per-subscriber basis. I think we are either doing something wrong (not optimally) or perhaps paid promo on social is a bad ROI for us and we should go purely organic.

Jakub Kubicka12:26 pm
For example, if I talk about having the best ramen in town at restaurant x, that would not be crawled by Google or Bing’s bots.

Nicole Donnelly12:26 pm
a package would be based with a blog post (can be video too), which can be then tweeted, posted, all over, and it all links back to your site
and social network posts do rank
they vary

Therese Henning Sloss12:26 pm
Can you explain the content package?

Nick Hughes12:26 pm
Yes per Darren’s comment. Is paid promotion of content a smart idea on Social Platforms?

Darren Austin12:27 pm

Jakub Kubicka12:27 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:27 pm
If you talk about having good raman at x place, it does actually contribute to their SEO, if you do it on Swarm or google review even more!

Nicole Donnelly12:28 pm
as for social ads…they work
it’s a matter of creating an ad that resonates with your desired audience

Danna Redmond12:28 pm
so should your content live on your own website and then be posted, tweeted, linked too? Is that better than authoring on someplace like LinkedIn or copying your post onto LinkedIn?

Nicole Donnelly12:28 pm
do you have attractive females looking at the user in your ad?

Nicole Donnelly12:29 pm
on FB you MUST promote any post to get it to rank
it’s how they make $$ and it’s cheap and effective
there are basics to making social ads work…perhaps the next topic for our live chat

Jakub Kubicka12:30 pm
Fair enough, big can of worms.

Nicole Donnelly12:30 pm
Danna – yes your content should be based on your site, linkedin long posts don’t rank well

Nicole Donnelly12:31 pm
you can do the long post, but you’ll see better results from short posts

Jakub Kubicka12:31 pm
What if you pick a theme during your content planning and the market/your audience gives you feedback that they’re not vibing with it. Do you change course then and pick a new theme?

Nicole Donnelly12:31 pm
and there is math to getting linkedin posts to go viral
math and strategy

Timmie Kenneh12:32 pm
Nice!!! I was wondering about the Linkedin post length … i’ve recently started making them shorter

Nicole Donnelly12:32 pm
they are on a 72 hr news cycle and the amount of likes/views/shares in the first hour will determine the success of the post, so you have to tweak the top 2 lines of copy and ask your friends to share as soon as you post it
The emotional connection in the post, no matter the network is key
you need to hook your audience emotionally and teach them something
what did they not know before that will ,compel them

Nicole Donnelly12:33 pm
make them feel smarter and compel them to share
and like and comment
Jakub, absolutely, you can change you themes if people don’t like it

Timmie Kenneh12:33 pm
OHHH ok … I see Linkedin’s strategy now that makes sense

Nicole Donnelly12:33 pm
we used to do a finance friday post and got no engagement, so we changed it to fun friday and it worked

Timmie Kenneh12:33 pm
Thanks for that small tidbit … that goes a long way

Nicole Donnelly12:34 pm
my pleasure timmie

Founders Live Team12:34 pm
Nicole. Can you expand on the emotional needs part of the theme? Why are they important when you are creating your content plan?

Nicole Donnelly12:34 pm
you want engagement
that’s how you can tell if what you are doing is working, if it’s not, get expert help
I have people that I go to when I’m tapped out of ideas
And I’m happy to share my resources with you

Nicole Donnelly12:35 pm
Like with getting the Linkedin posts Or any to go viral, you MUST emotionally connect with your audience, if you don’t, you won’t win their hearts or their wallets
they need to KLT you, that’s KNOW LIKE TRUST you

Nick Hughes12:35 pm
Right. Weirdly (and not trying to go down a rabbit hole here) that’s why we have fake news and all the crap on FB and Twitter. The emotional stuff

Nicole Donnelly12:35 pm
if you consider their emotional needs consistently they will KLT you and not even know why

Nicole Donnelly12:36 pm
Totally Nick!

Nick Hughes12:36 pm
That’s the darker side of this. Any thoughts on staying on the good side?

Nicole Donnelly12:36 pm
it’s all emotional writing
If you look at my FB I wrote a thank you to a friend of mine for the public speaking course he taught, and that heartfelt post got SOOOOOOOOOO many likes and comments

Nicole Donnelly12:38 pm
That post helped make me human to my peeps, like oh yeah she took a public speaking course?! but she speaks all the time…K they know me better, I thanked my friend publicly in depth L I just became more likable

Nick Hughes12:38 pm
Do you have any examples of great emotional messaging (additional to that one) which a company brand succeeded in social media?

Nicole Donnelly12:38 pm
and T for Trust…would you trust me to work with me if you know I’m so public and that’s how I behave in “public”
Look at the Dove ads!
on a large scale

Nicole Donnelly12:39 pm
look at trump

Founders Live Team12:39 pm
We’re running low on time here! ANY MORE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS?

Nicole Donnelly12:39 pm
he’s played on emotions this whole time

Founders Live Team12:39 pm
Ok, What happens after the theme is established and you’ve determined you are meeting the six emotional needs?

Jakub Kubicka12:39 pm
Gotta go, much appreciated Nicole. Lots of nuggets here

Founders Live Team12:39 pm
What’s next?

Nicole Donnelly12:40 pm
My pleasure Jakub! see you soon!
You keep doing it! meeting the needs over and over, it never stops
it’s a lens through which you view the content that you produce and curate

Nick Hughes12:40 pm
Any tools or tactics to mention?

Nicole Donnelly12:40 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:41 pm
Yes, you can use content curation and automation tools like

Danna Redmond12:41 pm
You mentioned that you can curated content in additional to original content – do you have a recommended ratio or mix of those two?

Nicole Donnelly12:41 pm
and have it all in ahead of time

Founders Live Team12:41 pm
Home – Salty Waffle
Do you ‘favorite’ tweets you are mentioned in? Do you ‘favorite’ retweets? Do you ‘like’ your all of your FB page comments as soon as they come in? (do you even get comments?) Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about keeping up with it all? I sure was!

Nicole Donnelly12:41 pm
test it with what gets engagement Danna

Nicole Donnelly12:42 pm
a common rule of thumb is 3:1 or 4:1
curated to original
I’m more on the 4:1 side
or even more curated

Adam Dreiblatt12:42 pm
Hi Nicole- thanks for doing this chat.
Mostly you’re talking about annual plans and longer term initiatives. However, what if you’re doing a market test for a new product or service (say trying to drive landing page pre-signups to decide if you should build the product)?
Can you recommend one or two specific techniques/platforms for a short term tests where you have existing audience to see if it makes sense to pursue the project further?

Danna Redmond12:42 pm
awesome ratio info – thanks

Nicole Donnelly12:43 pm
esp if I’m traveling or at a conference, then I preprogram a bunch of curated content to drop while I’m out and about
Adam – FB ads or FB promoted posts if you are small budget testing, sometimes, depending on the topic you can google ads test but that usually costs more

Nicole Donnelly12:44 pm
FB ads and promoted posts are genius for testing
you can test messaging before designing packaging, you can test book covers, you can test new product designs, you can test services, and REMEMBER people typically have to see something 18x to buy it
AND on a small budget you can at least gauge interest

Nicole Donnelly12:45 pm
I love FB for testing!
B2B and B2C

Adam Dreiblatt12:45 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:45 pm
Adam what are you testing?
You are welcoem!

Nicole Donnelly12:46 pm
and for content engagement or ad testing, remember than unless you are selling water on a blistering hot day, don’t expect people to engage or buy instantly, you need to give them an emotionally compelling reason
emotionally hook them and teach them something

Founders Live Team12:46 pm
Awesome, this has been great. Thanks so much Nicole. Where can we find you if we have more questions?

Nicole Donnelly12:47 pm
I’m here or you can join one of our many zoom chats at
whew! thank you!

Founders Live Team12:47 pm
We pretty much out of time! thank you all for jumping in and participating.
You can check out our next FL Influencer Series on Friday, 11/10 at 11AM PT. Building Blocks for Startup PR by Eric Schudiske. Save your spot here.

Nicole Donnelly12:47 pm
Thanks for all of the great questions!

Founders Live Team12:47 pm
Eric Schudiske: Building Blocks for PR outreach, Seeding Content
This session is titled Building Blocks for PR outreach, Seeding Content. It will cover thoughts and ideas on how to build the foundation of a PR campaign, seeding content and much more. The talk wi…

Nicole Donnelly12:48 pm
We’ll def talk ads later!

Nick Hughes12:48 pm
Thanks Nicole. You rock

Nicole Donnelly12:48 pm
PR is sooooo important too!
Thanks Nick
PR is great for SEO btw

Nick Hughes12:48 pm
Yes. Eric’s will be a good one too! It’s great to have these back to back

Founders Live Team12:49 pm
Bye Everyone!

Nicole Donnelly12:49 pm
I’ll see you on that one too!

Nick Hughes12:49 pm

Nicole Donnelly12:49 pm
Ciao for now!

Danna Redmond12:49 pm
thank you!

Adam Dreiblatt12:49 pm
Thanks Nick and Nicole!

Nicole Donnelly12:51 pm
Thanks for the great questions!
Seattle, WA¡Posted November 6, 2017
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Nick Hughes November 6, 2017
Really interesting stuff came out of this talk today. Check it out.

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Pete Peng November 6, 2017
Good discussion. Thanks for leaving the content available to those of us who missed it.

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Awesome tips. Thank you.
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