We had our first official meeting to kick off the work that is leading up to the hard launch of . Gathered around the peninsula in the kitchen, we enjoyed homemade banana nut chocolate waffles. I’d invited three highly intelligent, highly capable individuals over to form a plan, and that we did. The big question is how to we actualize a virtual application that manages social media campaigns and measures the return of the “socially active” individuals in the system. What values are involved and how do we make sure that all attendants leave feeling what we want to convey?

More than a book, more than a web application, what the goal really is is to connect people one passion at a time. My team and I (between bites of waffle) start to establish goals and how we can fuse the values that we already embrace into this event. We want to blend the clever and the cool with the artistic and inventive. There is a need for this event to be community centric and to ignite a sense of neighborhood and local innovation, but most importantly, to introduce the world to BigRuby.

We begin with the location, an empty warehouse space. A group of local artists is going to compose their own interpretation of my new business “Big Ruby” which will be on display. Their work will be the pulse throughout the events as they highlight not only my company, but also some of the artistic talent residing right here in the greater Seattle area.

The location will be open to other local groups as well to share our space and to further a sense of community. My favorite caterer, Gourmondo, will be delighting everyone’s taste buds with a sumptious food offering. (To learn more about why Gourmondo should be your favorite place to eat see page 38 of my book “Ride Like A Penguin”)

The EO Accelerator will be raising money one evening for it’s program that educates business owners to support their growth from $350k through $1M.

Organzing BigRuby’s launch will take a lot of hard work, but working together with people who know what they love and why they love it, makes it fun and exciting. When people come together through passion, they connect on a level of shared authenticity. Motivation and momentum are sparked and truly great things can happen. This is what BigRuby is all about; finding our partners in passion to support and grow the things we love. And it all takes shape because of shared values.

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