Twitter Influence: Is Your Retail Business A Leader Or Follower

Social media has given us the power to be more interactive with others than ever before. It allows for up to the minute updates from all your Twitter followers and puts you in the know with very little legwork. After posting some great content on your Twitter account, people started following you. The biggest mistake is trying to get the most followers you possibly can. Of course, it feels good to be wanted, but the number of followers is not a strong indication of your influence.

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Lead your Twitter followers

Building influence can be easy. Make sure your followers know what credentials you hold. Start by tweeting about your background in the field, any books published, blogs, website etc. People want to know these titles and accomplishments so they can view you as a valid source.

Now the fun begins, start engaging in relevant conversations. When you are directly communicating with your target audience, your credibility tends to rise. Do this by frequently looking for topics you can talk about. An easy way to do this is by doing a Twitter Search. Look up keywords related to your expertise.

Also, look to build relationships with other influential people within your community by retweeting posts you find important. By delivering great information to your followers, your influence is bound to go up. Make sure you take a look at Twitter Etiquette to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Twitter experience.

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