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OpenSiteExplorer: Which Of Your Links Are The Hottest?

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OddDog has a way with SEO, so when they told us about Open Site Explorer, a tool built by SEOmoz, we listened carefully.

Getting links to drive the rank of the pages on your site is a must. But, all links are not created equal, some links have higher value than others. This means if you’re trying to build up the reputation and SEO value of your own site, you will want to spend your time going after quality links that will reward you the most.

OpenSiteExplorer allows you to see a ranking of all the links already on your site. The most valuable ones will be on top and they can give you a good idea of the types of links you want to go for. For example, we learned that links on the profiles of Disqus users were valued very highly and that Nicole’s articles on Portfolio.com were also high quality links.

Pop over to OpenSiteExplorer and enter your own site’s url and even those of your competitors. Look through the list it gives you and how it ranks your links. If you have the ability to get more links from those high on the list, take advantage! According to the SEO experts at OddDog, the boost you get from really good links is incredible.

One of them even made the comment that he would “work for free for an entire month just for one link” on a particular site. If that doesn’t show the value of getting great links, I don’t what does.

Look out soon for classes on SEO in addition to our social media curriculum, we’re working with the experts to bring you the best information and coaching. Hope to see you in class soon!

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