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The Trust Issue: Are You Thinking About Security While Socializing?

security, business, technologyLast week my neighbor brought home an old laptop that used to belong to his mother. It was in need of repair so he gave it to me to take a look at. While I was fixing it, I laughed when I removed a piece of black tape near the top to find a webcam.

It had clearly been purposely covered and it reminded me that there are still trust issues out there between people, their data, and their gadgets.

So here is the question: Are you still wary of technology? The internet? The safety of your data or identity? Facebook is still having issues on the privacy front and things are clearly moving into the cloud.

Companies like Intelius and others offer online identity protection, others like Carbonite are dedicated to data protection in the event of computer failure, and still more out there offer all kinds of different types of protection.

Statistically, the internet has become safer and there are more safeguards for consumers, but things still go wrong.

When it comes to social networking specifically, is security something on your mind when you log on to one of the various profiles you own? Back in the days of MySpace, dramatic news stories about online predators and privacy disasters were all the rage and now we share even more in the location game.

Please let us know below in the comments about how much security enters your mind on a daily basis in regards to your social networking habits or take this quick survey!

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