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The Top 100 Social Media Colleges

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In another fruitless search for quality social media curriculum offered by the colleges and universities that we trust to educate tomorrow’s workforce, I came across an interesting list. While not an assessment of programs or courses offered on social media, this list, created by StudentAdvisor.com, looks at which school are most effectively using social media to recruit students and generate interest in potential attendees.

While we would certainly prefer a rating of schools based on the quality of social media training they offer and the related skills students leave the school with, the fact that some institutions have done an excellent job using social mediums to drive attendance shows that in the very least, many schools are really starting to grasp how important effective use of social is. We can only hope that translates into better social media curriculum for their students in the near future.

Here are the top 10, click through to see the rest. (And for my UW people, come on! We aren’t even in the top 100. Seattle U and Oregon both make the list…)

  1. John’s Hopkins
  2. Harvard
  3. Notre Dame
  4. Ohio State University
  5. Columbia
  6. University of Kentucky
  7. Stanford
  8. LSU
  9. United States Military Academy
  10. University of Texas

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