The Hackathon At Thinkspace

Thinkspace, located in the computer programing mecca of Redmond, Washington was host to over 100 developers attending Hackathon. In this one day event sponsored by AT&T, teams were formed, apps were made, energy drinks were chugged, and at the end of the day prizes were awarded for the best app. Salty Waffle was generous enough to give the winning team a personal introduction to the benefits of social media. A ton of different ideas were thrown around for the perfect app, which made it difficult for teams to agree on the best one to win this Hackathonhackathon, social media, apps, at&t, att, retail business

People from all different backgrounds attended the event. Since each team had about 12 hours from start to finish for their app, working smart and efficiently was crucial. Coming up with an idea, figuring out each team members role in the development, and executing the idea was worked through differently for each group. It shows that there is always more than one way to get something done.

In the end, everyone won at this Hackathon. AT&T sponsored a great event, Thinkspace was a great host, and a lot of great apps were created. Here is a video of the final presentations… who do you think won?


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