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The Gen Y Hipster, An Infographic

I’ll preface this by saying that there were probably a great many social media infographics I could have chosen and that you may have learned more from, but this one struck a chord.

At Salty Waffle, one of our long-term goals is to help employ Generation Y, a generation that is freakishly unemployed at the moment. When it comes to Gen Y, we don’t always fit well into the workplace. A combination of growing up later, looking at everything like a learning experience, and parents who loved us maybe a bit too much, has left many thinking we’re not so great to hire.

While, we’ll leave that debate for another time (Gen Y is widely considered the most talented generation), we’re coming regardless. It will help employers to understand what motivates Gen Y and understand how they think. By no means will you get that from this infographic, but thinking about how you can work Gen Y’ers into your company as productive employees is valuable.

This is so important to us, we’re setting up a weekly column that will look at different aspects of how to work with Gen Y and the value we can provide if properly motivated. For now, enjoy this fun infographic and have a glorious Friday!

…just a little about Gen Y. [Click to Enlarge]

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