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The Future of Cash Registers – Mobile and Tablets?

So, out at the fireworks in lovely Vancouver last night, one of us spotted this:


I found this fascinating. I do believe that’s a Samsung tablet, but it’s a bit hard to tell.

Regardless, the implications of this are huge. We have technology in place here that’s capable of incredible things. And unlike a fridge that has Twitter access, this is useful.

From here, smart thinking, a bit of programming and some training could turn this from a simple payment method into a device that can automatically order a reship of supplies as it counts inventory, send data on payment methods to a cloud for next year’s event, or even (to tie it in) help you out with social. I mean, it’s kind of geeky, but I think it would be so cool to see Facebook update me on how much the festival loves their chicken strips.

Anyhow, there’s something that fascinated me last night. So much potential.

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