The “Facebook Chat Close” can be your best “friend” in sales!

facebook chat, sales, social media salesYou have most likely read, and experienced, that selling to friends is easier than selling to prospects. Rapport is key in the world of sales and in the era of social media, one of the most efficient outlets for expediting this process comes by way of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. In reaching out to your potential or current clientele through these avenues and becoming “Friends,” “Connecting,” or “Following” those you wish to sell to, you gain immediate insight into their world while only offering a selective taste of your own. This can be beneficial in many ways, but this column will be focused on one.

How many times have you attempted to call a prospect to finalize a sale only to be blocked by a gatekeeper with whom you have already left a message? Or sent an email that goes without response even after a successful “read receipt?” Chances are high that in today’s society, at some point during the week, you will see Mr. or Mrs. “I don’t have enough time” perusing the social airwaves.

Use these tips to get to your unsuspecting prospect and close the sale via the “Facebook Chat Close.”

  1. Casually reach out to Mr. or Mrs. Decision Maker through chat. Facebook has over 100 million mobile downloads; chances are they will receive the message instantly through the mobile messenger application.
  2. Even when you have nothing to sell, play chess through this feature. Comment directly to your existing or future customer through the chat option regarding their most recent post instead of publicly commenting. If done properly, when the time comes, they will never see the “Facebook Chat Close” coming!
  3. Once you have gotten the small talk behind you, use this chat feature as an opportunity to ask for a sale and get a decision. Keep it short and sweet but, unlike a tweet or text, there is no need to abbreviate. Be clear and concise!
  4. Members spend an average of 23 minutes per visit browsing posts and stalking pictures and approximately 15 ½ hours a month on this platform. This equals upwards of 40 chances a month to catch your prospect in the act of “Facebooking.” Be precise with your timing.
  5. When your prospect receives a call at the office, or opens their company email, their psychological mentality is focused on work. Facebook, on the other hand, is an avenue for society to take a break.  Users typically explore this networking platform because they have some time to browse with an open mind.  They want someone to grab their attention!

Don’t be afraid to ask for the money via the chat close. Facebook even gives you the “Green” light to go for it!

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