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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Doing A Contest Or Promotion On Facebook

1. Why A Contest? 7 Reasons

“Social media contests are red. hot. Everyone seems to be doing them.” – telltenfriends.com

If you’re not sure there is a good reason for you to do a contest, here is a great piece looking at 7 solid reasons a contest done via social media can be a great thing. It’s a must read! Click here and then come back for the rest of the things you need to know before doing your own.

2. Do I Need To Be Careful? Are There Rules? Yes.

Facebook contest rules have been all over the place through the years so you need a good knowledge of the rules before you go ahead. Make sure you don’t violate any rules or risk your page being shut down permanently! Everything you need to know.

3. Are There Tools To Help Me?

The most easily found is the Facebook Contests App by Wildfire. Here is a list of others to try as well:

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