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Team Thursday: Do You Know Your Team? Try Going On A Strengthsquest!

Before this year I was never really a fan of personality tests and the like. My experiences mostly involved those annoying Myspace quizzes and I didn’t put a whole lot of stock in what a test could really tell me about myself.

Well, that all changed when I did my first Enneagram and later, Strenghtsquest. I was shown all the science behind it and after seeing my own results and those of some others, I bought in. Our entire Resident Adviser staff did the Strenghtsquest test and the results were very telling.

Strengthsquest is an in-depth test that analyzes your top five strengths. With the results you can better align yourself with people that have complementary strenghts or that have the effect of boosting your own. They are also designed to give you some insight on how you interact and are motivated.

It was eerie how true the results seemed to be for a staff that I knew very well by the time we took the test. With the results, each team member was able to better understand the best way to interact with others based on each person’s set of skills and related personality.

Strengthsquest can be a huge asset for any team. It provides information that will help your relationships and present that information in an entirely positive manner. Give it a whirl with your team, you may learn some new things about them or solidify thoughts you had. This confidence boosting exercise provides meaningful insight for your team.

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