Taking Breaks: Keeping You and the Team Happy and Efficient

break, team, entrepreneurThe value of a good team is huge and sometimes everyone just needs a break. Keeping a fresh, happy team humming along could be key to your success.

The other day I was sculpting the hedges work when I noticed I was working quite a bit slower than when I had started and decided to take a break.

I sat down, turned up the radio and had some fruit snacks. It did wonders for my productivity. My secret is that I love trimming the hedges, but loathe picking up the downed branches and leaves afterward. After a quick break I found the energy I started the project with and cleaned out the beds which are now sparkling.

I have run into the same thing with my homework as well as in the workplace. You reach this point where maybe the project plateaus a bit and you become physically or even emotionally fatigued. It is time for a break. In recent years I have found value in taking breaks, having some fun during the day, and rewarding myself.

It used to be that I didn’t quit until everything was 100% done. While good in some ways, it also led to frustration, hours of inefficient work, and a grinding down of my morale.

I have started to keep an eye out for the times when I, or the people I am working with could use a break. That could mean playing a quick game, stepping outside to shoot the breeze, or grabbing some food (my favorite).

Either way, when you are working with a team in any facet, just watch for that point when things slow down and it looks like everyone could use a little morale boost or even just a shot of espresso. Your team will hum along smoothly and you will find work more enjoyable and productive.

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