Stickers, Boxes, Rubber Stamps, and Warehouse Workin’

marketing, social media, marketing, entrepreneurTo cap off a crazy week in the Salty Waffle world, yesterday we started preparing for a huge warehouse sale we are helping orchestrate with Rubber Stamp Management. I recruited a few friends to come along and man, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Upon walking through the door, we were immersed in a world of colors, crafts, and cardboard that can only be described as a scrap bookers heaven.

The goal for the day was consolidation and organization. Let’s just say there is more to do.

I’ll keep you posted on RSM and that massive sale were readying for, but today was about something else. Today reminded me again while entrepreneurship and being a part of a start-up is just plain awesome. As I was sluffing boxes I said, imitating Nicole’s voice, “Oh sure Mitchell, come work for Salty Waffle and do some writing, some social media, that kind of stuff.”

The impression was bad, but she got the joke. The thing is, with a start-up company you never know what you could end up doing from one day to the next. That mystery is awesome. From one day to the next we’ve gone from a wakeboarding business meeting to moving around stickers from the 1980’s in a dusty warehouse. It can be hard work, but the best part is you’re doing something new almost everyday. How great of a job is that?

I don’t know many people that like to the think the future is written. With a start-up there is a true sense of excitement with each day, you just don’t know where you might end up or what you may end up doing. If that doesn’t sound exhilarating, I don’t know what does.

(Plus, I now have the entire line-up of Penny Black’s sticker collection memorized. Who knows when that could come in handy!?)

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