Spotify: 13 Million Songs At Your Fingertips

I can not count how many times I have been away from home without my iTunes library and wanted to listen to a certain song only to have to resort to a low-quality (or even worse: live version or a bloody acoustic cover recorded on a webcam) version of the song on YouTube.  Thanks to Spotify you will never be without your Rebecca Black on that special day of the week anymore!

social media music
Spotify will be invading the states soon.

Spotify offers its services through the form of PC, Mac, mobile device or home audio system.  While the compatibility across several platforms and the accessibility are major advantages of Spotify, the ability to listen to music through live streaming has to be the biggest advantage.  As opposed to most other online music sharing websites, Spotify is a downloaded program that allows you to access the music through several different platforms without the need of the website.  Since all of the music is streamed through Spotify, there is no need to wait for the lengthy downloads or consume half of your hard drive with music.  Spotify can also be connected to your Facebook account in order to share your songs and playlists with your friends so you can show them what you are listening to next time you are at their house without your home music library.

social media music
Spotify's interactive interface.

In order to achieve sharing over Facebook you simply send your friend a link (via instant messaging or wall post) of the desired song or playlist and they can stream it instantly.  This also gives you the possibility of creating playlists with friends which even further expands the social media possibilities of Spotify.  At the moment Swedish-based Spotify is only offered in a number of European countries (such as the UK, Sweden and France) but it is going to be invading American shores in the near future, so be prepared for the Viking invasion!

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