Social Media Waffle Side: Celebrating The Return Of A Soldier Part II

On Friday July 15th my husband got into the airport at 11:15 pm. Through social media I am able to share this wonderful moment!

Facebook is the main way I have been able to communicate with family and loved ones. I have posted photos and status updates about my husband coming home. In addition, have learned that I can post videos, schedule events, and ask questions on Facebook. Check out some of the examples of how I used Facebook to interact with my online community below:

Status Updates:

Encouragement From Others:

Event Planning:


Shared Photos:

First time I saw my husband after he walked off the plane. ūüôā

Discussion Questions:
1) How have you used social media to celebrate a loved one coming home?
2) What other social media sources are great for welcoming home a solider?

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