Social Media Waffle Side: Celebrating The Return Of A Soldier Part I

Salty Waffle, Social Media, Social media faith, social media faith based organizaitons, soldier home, soldier returns, social media soldier, social media militarySocial media  has changed the way I am able to maintain relationships.

Last August I said goodbye to my husband, Dennis Reuter, a US Air Force Medic, as he went off to training for his first deployment. In October he visited home for one week then headed to Afghanistan. While he has been gone, I have been finishing my education at the University of Washington. (Hallelujah I graduated two weeks ago!) During my time in Seattle, I lived with nine other amazing christian ladies who really poured into my life.

While in school, I was able to use Facebook to post photos of myself and my roomies doing fun activities for my husband to see from overseas. Likewise, I was able to check out his unit’s page and see some photos of him. God has truly blessed me during this time, and funny enough, Facebook is one way he choose to do that. The features of social media has made life for all family with loved ones deployed much different. By being able to share more than just words, both my husband and I have been able to feel closer than we would have otherwise. I know it has provided inspiration to troops everywhere.

Dennis is returning in July! I have moved out of Seattle and am currently writing to you from my parents house in Toledo, WA. My best friends in Seattle will be missed, however, I still get to share the wonderful occasion of my husband’s return with them through social media! When he comes back, I plan to write Facebook status updates, post pictures, and tweet about what we are doing. Social media allows me to share my excitement and experiences with loved ones far and wide in a way I couldn’t without it.

Do you know anyone who is deployed and currently using social media to cope? Please tell us your story so we can thank your solider for his/her service!

Tune in toward the end of the month for an update on Dennis’ group’s welcome home status and let us know how social has kept you close with your distant loved ones!

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