Social Media Waffle Side: 7 Tips On How Social Media Can Help You With Your Wedding, Part 2

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community social media weddingWelcome back! Today we are finishing off the tip list how to use social media during your wedding. Mashable’s articles on Wedding Etiquette and Wedding Tips, along with an article from The Man’s Registry provided insightful content.

Here are the rest of the take away tips:

5. Registry

Along with getting free stuff from bloggers, you can directly inform your guests about the places you have registered. Often times people send registry information in the invitation, however, through the power of social media, you can post direct links to your registry and highlight the specific gifts you really want.

6. Social Media Station

Mashable had a wonderful idea here that I am definitely wanting to integrate into my wedding day:
A “social media station” is a place where those who want to connect or comment online can do so, without forcing the issue onto the uninterested.

“For the especially geeky — set up a station,” advises Howard. “Have a laptop, a projector and screen. Encourage guests to come by, tweet their well wishes and watch others’ tweets scroll over the screen.”

This can also work for photos, as well as text-based communications. A live stream of photos from the event can be a fun way to engage people and encouraging sharing.
With this, it is suggested to keep things organized online, especially Twitter.
“Tell your bridal party it’s OK to tweet!” says Howard. “Create a hashtag for sharing your event. This will make all tweets from your day easy to find later on and helps to create a feeling of celebration for your guests.
7. Share with Distant Friends and Family

Lastly, through the use of social media you can share your wedding to the friends and family who couldn’t make it to your wedding. YouTube is the largest video sharing site on the web. However, both articles I reference recommend Ustream, because you can live stream your wedding to viewers.

I will leave you with some advice from the experts, provided by The Man’s Registry article:
“We asked some of our favorite wedding tweeters to share their #1 piece of advice to grooms and brides who want to use social media to help plan their wedding:

@onewed – Don’t burn bridges by blabbing about your wedding on FB to the uninvited. Use weddingpreparty.com instead!
@myweddingeditor – Create a mywedding.com wedsite. J  Share & seek ideas for your day through the blog feature.  Later, password protect your site for guests.
@1800mytuxes – Basic searches with keywords on the current project you’re working on like #gowns, #headpieces and #tuxedos is a great way to start and move from there.
@barbiehull – Get feedback!!  Whenever I doubt something I put it out there and ask for opinions!  My twitter peeps always seem to have an opinion.
@simon_daykin – I use twitter 2 connect w/ vendors I may not have heard of before so I can secure gr8 deals and amazing new stuff for my clients”

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