Social Media Waffle Side: 7 Tips On How Social Media Can Help You With Your Wedding Part 1

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media weddingSocial media for your wedding experience – what a great idea!

My sophomore year in high school I met my husband, though I didn’t know it at the time :). Four years later we got married in a small chapel on an Air Force base in Del Rio, TX. The event was very short and our families weren’t there. For our 3 year anniversary we are going to have our wedding ceremony in our home state of Washington after he gets back from Afghanistan. I am now in the process of preparing for the “big day” taking place this September.

For all you brides (and grooms) out there, here are a few tips on how social media can help you with your wedding. Mashable’s articles on Wedding Etiquette and Wedding Tips, along with an article from The Man’s Registry had insightful content. Here are the take away tips:

1. Website

A website is a great way to communicate details to your guests. Some couples no longer send invitations. Instead they only send “Save the Dates” with their website included for people. Invitations are becoming more of a form of tradition and less a form of communication. Some popular free tools for creating a wedding web page include The Knot‘s wedding websites and Both sites provide free hosting services along with templates for creating your site. There is also an online community at each source that can be accessed to help you in your wedding process.

2. Connect Your Guests

In addition to your website one way to help all your weddings guests get to know each other before the big day is through OneWed. This private social network works great! Some features include Bridal Show planning, finding vendors, and Wedding Pre-Party planning. If OneWed is not what you are looking for, a simple Facebook Group would serve the same need.

3. Blog About It

A blog is a great way to record your wedding experience while also creating content for friends and family to follow. An example of a couple blogging about their wedding can be found on WordPress. One this site the bride is talking about location choices, her stresses and decisions to be made. On one post she asks viewers to vote for the style of bridesmaids’ dresses they think she should use. Its a very interactive process.

4. Free Stuff!

According to the Man’s Registry article, “Wedding bloggers love to give prizes away. Make a note to do a daily scan of your favorite wedding tweeters. I’d bet my lucky $2 bill that you can find at least one contest per day. Sometimes all you have to do is post a tweet to be entered.”

For the rest of our wedding tips check out Part 2 next Wednesday!

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