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Social Media Vocabulary: X, Y, and Z!

I’ll be honest, I tried to do an edition entirely of social media vocabulary words that started with an X, but I could only find two! If you know of anymore, leave them in the comment and we’ll get those up too. As always, have a great Tuesday and enjoy this edition of social media vocabulary from Salty Waffle. Also, if you like learning, our classes are finally online, and if you want a special discount, tweet at us, share an article you like, and I am sure we can find a coupon discount code somewhere around here for ya. social media, social media vocabulary, social network, facebook, twitter, xanga, zoho, social media words
  1. Xanga: Xanga is a blog network that is said to have about 40 million members worldwide. The site hosts social profiles, weblogs, audio blogs, video blogs, and photo blogs.
  2. Xeesm: Xeesm has developed a number of social business tools including a Social Address Book, Social Media Time Management and Social Media Management Reports. They hope to help companies and individuals build stronger relationships
  3. Yammer: Yammer is an enterprise social network designed to be sort of an internal version of Twitter aimed at companies. It began as an enterprise microblogging platform but has developed into more a full social network. Approximately 80,000 companies and over 1 million users use Yammer as an enterprise social network.
  4. Zoho: Online suite of applications aimed making collaboration easier and therefore increasing productivity within businesses. Zoho features many social elements to help employees work together such as chat, discussions, wikis, and share applications.
  5. Zo0omr: Zooomr, with yes, three o’s was started to help people share photos online. It is similar to Flickr with an additional focus on publishing your images under different Creative Commons licenses.

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