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Social Media Vocabulary: What Is All This Weird New Facebook Stuff?

new facebook, salty waffle, social media, social media vocabularyBy now, you have probably either accepted the new look of Facebook, albeit grudgingly, or moved on to Google+ or something else. Either way, you will want to know what all this new stuff is so you can properly praise it or complain about it. So, this week social media vocabulary is giving a name to all the weird new Facebook stuff taking up your screen.

  1. The ‘Ticker’: The ticker is what they are calling that miniature feed up in the right corner above your chat bar. It’s also the butt of one of the most popular new Facebook related jokes. (See picture above)
  2. The Timeline: The Timeline is an alternate view of your history on Facebook. You can zip over to a particular day in your Facebook history and even look back all the way to your first day on Facebook. It’s like a browse able digital scrapbook courtesy of Facebook.
  3. The ‘Anything’ Buttons: No longer is it just ‘liking’. Now pages can choose what verb they would like to use for their Facebook buttons. It used to be just ‘like’, but now it could be ‘recommend’, ‘watching’, ‘eating’, any verb that fits your page just right!
  4. Facebook Music: This is one of the things people were actually excited about. Thanks to a partnership with Spotify and soon other providers like Hulu and Netflix you can listen to music with your friends right inside Facebook. The same will be true for online video eventually as well.
  5. Top Story Triangles: Facebook knows best right? In a continued effort to provide you the stories they think you will find most interesting, they have once again overhauled the feed. This time they have added blue triangles in the upper left hand corner of feed posts to mark stories they think are important to you. If you’re curious what goes into determining these recommendations check out ‘EdgeRank‘.



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