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Social Media Vocabulary: Twitter..cabulary?

social media, social media vocabulary, twitter, social network, twitter wordsWe had a social media vocabulary a while back with all Twitter words and well, there are a lot more you might wanna know so we’re doing it again with 5 more!

  1. Twitterati: The so-called Twitter elite. Those Twitter celebrities whose tweets go out to the hundreds of thousands and regularly make the evening news for their 140 character thoughts.
  2. Twoosh: A tweet that uses exactly all 140 characters! Swoosh!
  3. TweetIn: Kind of like a Tweetup, TweetIn is a similar idea to a Twitter conference call. A bunch of Twitterers agree to meet on Twitter at a certain time and the conversation begins!
  4. Mistweet: One of those tweets you may regret. A tweet that was probably ill-advised or potentially embarrassing. It may or may not be the result of a dweet (drunk tweet).
  5. Twitpic: a service that allows you to share pictures on Twitter, check it out!

Thanks for stopping by Salty Waffle, have a Tuesday! If you need help with other social media vocabulary words let us know in the comments or sign up for one our awesome in-depth social media classes.

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