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Social Media Vocabulary: Twitter #hashtag Edition

social media, hashtag, trend, twitter, social media vocabularyTwitter has not only given us a slough of new Twitter-based words, it also adds to the growing world of new social media vocabulary with the hashtags that grow out of the network. These are 5 of the most popular trends from 2010 mixed with a couple of our personal favorites. If you’re tweeting, it might be appropriate to throw a hashtag on there so it gets into the conversation. People listening for that tag will be more likely to see it that way. Remember, if you need help with different trends and hashtags, try out What The Trend.

  1. #FF or #followfriday: The idea behind ‘Follow Friday’ is to recommend users you believe others should follow. By tagging their username and then the hashtag #FF or #followfriday, you are signaling to your followers that you endorse these people and they are worth being followed.
  2. #np: This was actually the top hashtag in 2010 and it stands for ‘Now Playing’. Twitterers use the hashtag to talk about music and tweet what they are listening to at the moment.
  3. #socialmedia: Simply, social media. Any tweet that has something to say on the topic of social media would be fair game for a #socialmedia tag. Being such a broad topic, it is a loud hashtag, but many follow it for the latest news.
  4. #musicmonday: can be used to talk about anything music related including artists, songs, new releases, labels, concerts, you name it. It was intended to help people find new music for the week based on the recommendations of others.
  5. #seo: a hashtag for SEO or Search Engine Optimization related topics. A technology focused crowd follows this tag and it is a useful way to keep track of the latest in SEO straight from the experts.

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