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5 Twitter Tools With Unique Features

social media vocabulary, social media, salty waffle, twitter tools, 2011, tweets, schedule tweetsThe latest and the greatest change everyday. Here are a few of our favorites to try out!

  1. The Archivist: While not a truly complete Twitter archive, The Archivist allows you to look up any search term and view its history on Twitter. You can see top users of the term, how much it’s been tweeted, and associated hashtags. It displays all that information in beautiful graph form for your viewing and using pleasure.
  2. Timely: We have been using Timely a bit lately because we’re always looking to find the best times to tweet and Timely does exactly that for us. The service takes your past 50 tweets and analyzes when the most effective time to send out future tweets is based on the success of those previous ones.
  3. Buffer: Buffer is another tweet scheduling service, but aims to make things easier on you. You simply add tweets to the line up and Buffer chooses when to send them out so that it hits your followers when their feed is the slowest. The idea is to keep your Twitter feed consistent and your tweets hitting your followers at a time when they aren’t being bombarded by all your competitors tweets.
  4. Twileshare: Trying to share a file with a Twitter friend? Twileshare let’s you do it. A free account gives you 1GB of free space to host files. Simply upload your file and it automatically helps you create a tweet with a link for download.
  5. Proxlet: Proxlet gives you the nifty little ability to filter conversations and users. You can mute a certain person on Twitter without unfollowing them. You can also mute conversations about certain topics or certain tweets like foursquare updates or other automatic posts.

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