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Social Media Vocabulary: Pinterest Edition

pinterest, classes, online class, pinterest classThere has been a lot of talk about Pinterest lately and rightfully so. Everyone’s favorite new network is lighting up the referral traffic game, currently responsible for driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. This edition of social media vocabulary brings you the basics of Pinterest and what all this ‘pinning’ verbiage means.

  1. Pin: A pin is an image saved to Pinterest. You can pin any image you see online or repin one another user has pinned.
  2. Board: A board is a collection of pins. These are usually themed and users can have as many different boards as they like.
  3. Pinning: The act of saving an image to one of your boards on Pinterest.
  4. Repin: Pinning an image to one of your boards that was previously pinned by another user to one of their boards.
  5. Pin it button: The tool Pinterest has created to make it easy to pin any image in your browser just by a button. When you sign up, Pinterest will ask guide you on how to install this button.
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