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Social Media Vocabulary: Location Edition

social media vocabulary, social media, location, social network, GPSFor this week’s (Spring Break!) edition of social media vocabulary we have 5 new words that are all different location-based social networks. Warning: Some of these words are really strange! If you forget one, remember to check out our new social media vocabulary page to review or check out others.

  1. Brightkite: Brightkite allows people to check into location by text message or mobile app. You can see who is nearby and who has been at the location before. Additionally, you can attach pictures and other media to a check-in and other users can comment on those, creating a collective experience around the venue from those who have visited.
  2. Whrrl: Whrrl is a location-based network that emphasizes getting people out trying new things through a game-like interface. You become part of Whrrl societies based on real-world passions and earn points for successfully inspiring others to try something. You share your adventures by geo-tagging photos and checking-in.
  3. Google Latitude: Latitude is simple, it allows those you choose to see your current location. It uses GPS technology in your phone to broadcast where you are in real-time. You can limit its accuracy and it is easy to manage who can see your location. There is also feature called Location History that allows you to see where you have been recently in addition to your current location.
  4. SCVNGR: SCVNGR is another game-based location application and social network that encourages completing challenges. Like Whrrl, it was founded in Seattle, but it focuses more on providing companies with easy ways to build challenges and games for their customers. You can earn points, post to Facebook and Twitter, and earn real-world rewards for completing adventures and check-ins.
  5. Loopt: Loopt focuses on the other people that are currently around you. The application is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. Loopt makes it easy to share information about locations and also connects people with information from Zagat, Citysearch, and others.

If you have been thinking about location lately, try out one of these apps or look up some others. It is a rapidly growing space with tons of different options, one of which might resonate with you. There isn’t a right way to use location-based apps so explore!

As always, if you have other words you want to know about or just have a general social media question, leave it below in the comments or email us at [email protected]. Have a great Tuesday!

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