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Social Media Vocabulary…in the Snow!!

It’s snowy in Seattle, school is closed, and its so cold it almost hurts to go outside. What better time to learn some more social media vocabulary? Grab a hot chocolate or a coffee and enjoy 5 new Salty Waffle words.

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  1. Digg: You may have to dig you car out this morning, but Digg with an extra ‘g’ is a social news website that lets members vote for their favorite articles. The most popular articles rise to the top and are seen on the homepage.
  2. Forum: also known as a message board, a forum is a site dedicated to discussion. Generally forums are themed and moderated by someone from the site. Many forums are run by large companies as another form of customer service. Users can help each other solve problems and moderators or company professionals can also easily get into the conversation and provide assistance.
  3. Gowalla: is a location-based social network. Much like Foursquare, Gowalla allows people to share their location in real time as well as check into places and earn prizes and discounts.
  4. Permalink: Looking outside I keep thinking permafrost, but a permalink is link to a particular post within a blog or site. That means no matter how far down that post gets over time, the permalink will take you right to that post’s specific page.
  5. Tumblr: It may sound like it, but this isn’t the name of an awesome new sled. Tumblr is a site that allows users to share all kinds of content in blog, or ‘tumbling’ form. You can post links, pictures, writing, video, and even music. The service is gaining rapid popularity as of late because it so simple to use and offered for free.

We always appreciate you stopping by the Salty Waffle, we hope you stay warm the next few days! If you need help with other social media vocabulary words let us know in the comments or sign up for one of our awesome in-depth social media classes. We’re slowly teaching the world another language!

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