Social Media Mini Me: YouTube is For The Boys

YouTube is the only major social network that has more active male members than female. The ladies surely post, but the men are there lurking and passing on the videos. So, if you have male customers, you just might want to make a funny video to pass on.


The video above is after a long day of working from home, nobody on the outside has to know that I’m sick and in my pj’s, but I wanted to share. Having a flexible schedule is one of my favorite benefits of being an entrepreneur, on the flip side, most nights after Sara goes to bed, I’m working. The goal this year is to take her to school and pick her up 75% of the time. I love my girl and I want to be here for her and show her first hand how to build a business and create the kind of life that you desire.

With this little video, you can be here too.

Thank you for watching.

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