Social Media Intern’s 2 Truths and a Lie

Hello! I am one of the new social media interns at Salty Waffle leading up the faith organizations outreach. I am very excited to serve all of you and help you learn about all that social media has to offer. This summer I will be writing to you from the small town of Del Rio, Texas while scorching in the hot summer sun. Now that I have graduated from UW, I will be moving from the beautiful state of Washington to be with my husband, a US Air Force Medic, stationed at Laughlin Air Force base. I have lived an interesting life filled with unbelievable activities. Check out the 2 Truths and a Lie list below and see if you can figure out what is false. I look forward to learning about you all more! If you would like to learn more about me check this out: Kayla Reuter.

2 Truths and a Lie

1) This is my Grandpa: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khKrd1RNy2U[/youtube]

2) As a child I spent my time petting a Kodiak bear

3) I enjoy eating money for breakfast

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