Trends in Social Media for Decision Making

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media make decisionsDon’t feel like spending hours trying to research something online? Forum after forum and the answer isn’t coming? Or do you have a big decision to make an just aren’t sure what to do? Try asking your social media network! Aside from just having a full bladder to help you make better decisions, collecting knowledge through your personal network can be useful.

Before social media, talking to a large amount of people about their opinion on something was difficult. With communication enhancers like Twitter and Facebook, you can ask hundreds (or even thousands) of people at once.

One way I have used social media to seek feedback lately was with Facebook. My husband and I are planning on taking our honeymoon in Hawaii. After hours of looking for hotels I still wasn’t sure where to go, so I asked friends. Here is what they had to say:

I didn’t know about the Bellows AFB cabins Tina talked about, nor did I know about the private bungalows on Kuai. This was a great way to get information and involve my friends during this exciting time.

If you don’t want to ask your friends, but want to know their preferences to help you make decisions try using Bing. Bing is now using your friends information to show you more information. During your search on Bing, you are able to see who among your friends have liked the search result. Check it out in the video below:


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