Social Media Class: Classrooms are so 2010

High in the Sky
Study after study shows that you learn best by doing. We want to teach you how to use social media through hands on social media classes. You can learn Google Analytics, learn Facebook, learn all about Twitter or just a little. Get the 20k foot view or take a microscope to exactly how to get retweeted.
Learn social media by doing
Learn by Doing

We won’t push you in the deep end on the first lesson, but if you are ready for the high dive we’ve got the classes for you too.  The reason that we decided to put the classes online and not just deliver them in person is that we found people have such busy schedules that they are not always focused in class when the time comes around. A great example is our nocturnal intern Mitchell Cuevas. Mitchell is an excellent author, but most often his inspiration strikes after midnight and that’s ok!

The Salty Waffle team is online in the learning community to give you feedback and answer questions. We want you to be as successful as you possibly can be by offering a variety of practical classes that you can take when you are most focused and ready to learn.

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