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Cash Money: Social Networking and Ads

Just how much are advertisers putting into social media these days? Well, a lot more than they used to and it doesn’t look like that trend is bound to stop soon. Personally, I am not a numbers person, it isn’t how I learn, so when I went to find out some information about the landscape of social network ad spending, I looked for visual presentations of the data. Lucky for me, Flowtown made an awesome infographic about it. If you own a business, a quick look at this should get you excited about growing your social networking and media efforts.

Make sure to check out the sections on how many people consult social media before a purchasing decision and note that social network ad spending has grown from about 1.2 billion dollars in 2007 to 3.3 billion in just 3 years. (Click through for a jumbo version that might be easier to see depending on how big your screen is)

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