Social Hiking: Live Blog The Forest

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Take a hike!

Location based social networks make sense in the city, there are lots of places to check-in to, deals to find, and people to connect with. It just doesn’t make sense in the wilderness. Right?

Wrong. There are awesome people and places out there in nature too! (Especially if you live in the beautiful Northwest.) A site called Social Hiking is all about taking social media with you on your next adventure outside the concrete jungle. You can link up your Twitter and make your time in the trees more social.

Not only  does it integrate with Twitter, the site works with an app called Viewranger that makes so much more than simple tweets and picture sharing possible. What they are calling ‘geo-blogging’ works by collecting your location to create a map of your route. Social Hiking then collects information from other sites to include on your map as well. Those sites include Twitter, Twitpic, Audioboo, Flickr, Qik, and ipadio and you can choose how connected you are to those sites in the options.

social media, social hiking, take social media outdoors
Think about it like Foursquare for the forest.

Social Hiking adds all the information from your various posts and adds it to the map using timestamps and GPS information to create a rich media experience of your adventure that is highly shareable. You can also include tweets from other people out on the adventure with you!

Social Hiking says that they are ‘Perfect for charity challenges, geo-blogging, hikes, rides or other adventures outdoors!’ Give it a try next time you head out and make your next hike a little more social. Keep getting out there and enjoying the nice weather and beautiful surroundings, it’s the perfect way to stay in shape!

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