Social Fresh Portland March 29, 2019

On Monday I attended my local social media event with a few online rockstars including Peter Shankman of HARO. He’s a funny guy who had 4 solid rules for Social media:

1. Be Transparent-social media acts like a laxitive, eventually it will come out

2.Be Relevant-ask your customers and “friends” how they like to receive their information

3. Brevity-keep it short, enough said

4. Be top of mind-reach out to say “hi” those that matter to you

We heard from Radian 6 and Hubspot two listening tools that you’ll spend big bucks to listen with. Richard Foo, Nike Global Brand Solutions Technology, talked about how Nike uses SM inside and out. Did you know that “if you have a body you are an athlete”? Therefor you are a potential customer of Nike’s.

The most remarkable experience in Portland happened when we checked in to the Double Tree. Sophie was checking us in and my friend Odette, and I had accidently both booked rooms when we were planning on sharing a room. We asked if they could just charge us for one or if they could give us the event rate which was half of what we paid. Sophie and her manager told us that there was nothing that they could do. I told here that we were here for a conference with the biggest mouths online and this would be a great customer experience opportunity for her to get some good WOM (word of mouth) for Double Tree. She said “I don’t care about this company. It’s just a job.” Odette and I looked at each other in shock and awe. Shut down just like that, we went up to our seperate rooms.

In the room there several places where it says “We Care” one card said “Double Tree is committed to providing our guests with outstanding service. Simply rouch 62 on your phone with any special need or concern. You’ll get immediate action!” Really?

At the end of the next day I saw 2 manager-like looking men in the lobby, I approached and found out that one man was the hotel manager and the other was the resturant manager. I shared my experience with them, they thanked me, and left as if they were on a mission.

What you say matters, the truth will come out.

Briefly yours,


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