Should I buy an iPhone 5?

Should I buy an iPhone 5?  Sales for the iPhone 5 over the weekend release (5 million) beat out sales for the iPhone 4s (4 million) over their weekend premier.  Millions of people have or will end up buying the iPhone 5 simply because it’s Apple’s latest baby.

There’s the hype. The anticipation.  The glory of being the first of the group to unwrap Apple’s latest masterpiece: the iPhone 5.
While the iPhone 5 does shimmer in all its artistic splendor is this the phone to buy right now?

Here are some problems that have quickly surfaced since the iPhone 5 was royally welcomed into the market:

1) The iPhone 5 uses a new lightning connector as a charger.  Not only will the iPhone 5 not be compatible with all those old alarm clocks, speaker systems, car chargers and other useful gadgets you’ve bought over the years for the ipod and older iPhones but they tend to get stuck in people’s USBs!

2) The iPhone and Google maps split ways with the new IOS 6 that Apple decided to launch with the iPhone 5.  People are reportedly getting incorrect, incomplete or glitches in maps.  This has caused some people to go the wrong way, become lost, or even have to ask for directions.  In 2012!  I know.. it’s shocking.

3) PHONE CONTRACTS!  If you’re like with cellphones you are still probably locked into a phone contract for the iPhone 4s or iPhone 4.  That either means agreeing to extend the contract until forever to get the iPhone 5 or just completely disregarding the your current iPhone 4s and splurging on the iPhone 5.  There is no way I am going to extend my overly inflated cell phone plan and the latter option is just not a financially smart decision.  So it looks like I’m stuck using last years headlines.  Obsolete technology that seems to still work fine in my opinion.

Before you make your decision here are some things I’ll leave you with:

1) The cord usb stuck situation will get worked out.  Plus you’ll have an excuse to get new gadgets when they come out.

2) Apple will sooner rather than later get the map and GPS fiasco sorted.  They are Apple.

3) I can’t wiggle out of my contract or afford to buy an iPhone 5 right now but doesn’t mean it’s not pretty.  Whatever you choose to do, I’m waiting to see the iPhone 6.

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