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Sharing Is Caring: Why You Should Care About More Than Facebook

It’s the end of the week and we have another lovely social media related infographic for you to digest. We’ve been building new classes all this week and personally, my mind is a little mushy. When that’s the case, as it usually seems to be on Friday, something visually is a just a bit easier.

Take a look at this and be sure to note that sharing services other than Facebook were the fastest growing last year. Facebook is still out in front, but its growth has slowed in comparison to a few others. (Are cracks in the armor showing already?) On Salty Waffle, we’re starting to see these trends hold true as traffic from Stumbleupon and Digg have moved up the board in terms of how people are finding us.

If you’re sharing, look out for places besides the old blue and white to post, the list at the bottom of this graphic is a fantastic start.

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