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Send From Multiple Email Accounts Out Of One Place, Gmail

gmail, send multiple accounts, send as, how to set up multiple accounts, salty waffleIf you’re like most people, you probably have a few email accounts floating around out there. In the case that you have a business account and a few personal accounts or any combination there of, you probably find it irritating to have to log in and out to different accounts so that you can reply with the proper address. This can be especially important with business email, as you want to reply using your company email address.

If you’re not already, give Gmail a try by creating a new account. Once you have an account we can set it up so that:

  1. You can get all your email in one inbox
  2. You can ‘send as’ any of the accounts you own

For starters, forward mail from your current accounts to your new Gmail accounts. This is a little bit different depending on the client you are using for the other accounts, so follow the specific forwarding instructions for the account you want to link to Gmail.

Once you have that done, you will want to set it up so that you not only receive mail from that account, but also can send from that account through Gmail too. This makes it so that even if you reply from within Gmail, it looks to the person on the receiving end like you sent it from the other account.

Setting this up is fairly simple. First go to the mail settings within Gmail and select the ‘Accounts’ tab. About halfway down you will see a section called “Send mail as:”. Click the button that says “Send mail from another address” and follow the pop-up instructions. A verification email with a code will be sent to your other account. Once you get the email, go back to the pop up and enter the code.

You’re done!

Now you can get all your email in one place and send as any of the accounts you like. Selecting the account to send from is as simple as a drop down menu on the email compose screen of a new message or reply. You can also set it so that the default reply from address is a constant address or always the one the mail as sent to.


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