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Salty Swag: The Grand Opening! Our Shiny New Zazzle Store

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Salty Waffle is proud to announce the grand opening of our shiny new Zazzle store. Dubbed ‘Salty Swag’, it is the only place to go to get to the gear you need to show off your Salty Waffle pride. I personally designed many of the products we have and we will gladly help you make custom ones!

In case you don’t have the cash money for some of our gansta’ new gear, still take a moment to check out the Zazzle store itself. You know we like talking about other sites and tools that we use to help us out and Zazzle.com is another great one.

All of the designs were built with their product engine after a simple image uploading process. Everything is free too, allowing you to make products and put them for sale without having to commit to an order or hold inventory. When an order is placed, they make it, ship it, and you get paid, it as simple as that.

Zazzle can be a great way to get some gear out there in the world on some real people. Make them your own walking billboards! There is a great social element as well that allows you to buy creations of others on the site.

First one to buy a Salty Waffle trucker hat, take a picture, and make it your profile picture, gets another item on me! Enjoy shopping!

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