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What Do Your Dog, Dentist, and Dad Have in Common?

They all need and deserve your time.pr, marketing, ride like a penguin

So how do you, as busy as you are, go about making sure that all the people and projects in your life get that valuable time with you? The answer seems simple, even obvious, make a calendar. But it is more than just a calendar that you need to create. To maximize your time, efficiency, and happiness you need to create a living schedule that integrates business and personal elements.

By sitting down and planning the year out at as a whole, it can help you stay motivated by reminding you of big deadlines or great events coming up. A big picture look at the near future can help keep the daily grind from wearing on you too much.

As you lay down the foundation for the year, fill in each month and week with growing detail. If you do this as accurately as possible, you will be left with a visual picture of your upcoming year in life. You can see how much time you have set aside for personal things, for family, for marketing, for your dog, for anything and everything.

If you don’t like the way it looks, maybe it’s a little heavy one way or another, or it just doesn’t make you excited to move forward, you can change it. The key to remember when you build this living calendar for yourself and your business is to leave time for the people around you. Ultimately, business is all about people and they need to have their time with you. It will keep you motivated, them on track, and build toward a collaborative, well connected, and positive working environment.

On a personal level, a calendar like this will minimize your stress, give you dedicated time to recharge, ample time for loved ones, and the big picture firmly in sight.

Ride Like a Penguin – Give Them Love by Nicole Donnelly

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