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Quick Tip: Facebook Vanity URL

If you’re a business without a fan page, get on your horse! If you’re a business with a fan page make sure you jump on the opportunity to get a nice looking URL courtesy of Facebook. It’s quick and easy and makes finding your fan page so much easier.

You no longer need to have 25 fans to get a vanity URL!

It’s as simple as logging into the Facebook account that has admin rights to your fan page then navigating to the page itself. From there you can click ‘Edit info’ right above your photo strip atop the Wall or click the ‘Edit Page’ button in the upper right. Under ‘Basic Information’ look at the field that says ‘username’.

Click on it and you will be taken to a screen where you can test if the name you want is available. For example we took facebook.com/saltywaffle. If the name you want is available you click to go ahead and boom, you can direct people to your Facebook page with an easy to remember URL.

We recommend the name of your company if available or some abbreviation if not. Other options are a company catchphrase or industry related key words. This is beneficial for ease of recall and SEO!

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