Pushing Past the ‘What if?’

In life and in business, it is inevitable that you will at times be presented with situations that strike fear in your heart. Times when you don’t know what to do, when none of your options seem great, when the weight of a decision and its possible repercussions are paralyzing.

So how can we overcome the fear that threatens to derail us every step along the way? First, accept it. Live with the fear, everyone has it, use it to motivate yourself to learn about your fears, cast out as much of the mystery as possible. Second, be persistent. No one in this world knows everything; you will have to be willing to ask questions and tenacious in your search for answers. If you so choose, the biggest fears can guide you to a place of better preparation and motivation, but you have to put yourself out there and take those educated risks, experience the results, and move on.

Sure, there may be difficult times ahead, times when maybe you wish you could go back and do it differently. Such is life. The most important thing is to push past all the doubt and the ‘what if’ questions.

Be the penguin: Line up, envision the best outcome, take a breath, and dive in and attack that next project or decision with all you have. In doing so, you will pull the future you imagine toward you.

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